Friday, February 20, 2015

Opera 27.0.1689.69 has no bookmark export option?

February 20, 2015
I decided to go ahead and finally clean the computer and I started with the bookmarks. I figured this is a simple export to file click, no bid deal. It turns out that the browser doesn't have the export file option anywhere. Well this makes no sense as every browser has this. Here are a few pictures showing you this. So now I have to go spend more time trying to find out how to get this simple task done. Thanks Opera! This will be interesting...I just verified my other computer with the same thing. I don't use the other computer much other than updates so something is a bit weird with this. The instructions I found online just don't apply here since you don't have that option anywhere.

Hit the import options and that's all you get, import...

Naturally I tried the most basic task to see if I could just import from another browser.

And it doesn't even see the Opera browser...

So I found this Opera add-on

And the add-on allows me to export the bookmarks as an html file

That can now be imported into any other browser. Well, so much for using Opera. Well that was fun, spending two hours just to export the bookmarks from this browser. It was nice knowing you Opera, but I won't be doing this again.

Although I managed to get the bookmarks, once I un-installed the program it also deleted that file! So It still managed to take the bookmarks with it. I still went ahead with backing up the rest of the computer and starting over, without the opera browser too. It's too bad, I liked the browser but not being able to do the most simple things is just not cool.

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