Movavi video software

July 12, 2016

After the make mkv program stopped working I thought I look at others since I was already down this rabbit hole. So here's a program called movavi.

The install went without a hitch until I started the program and got this error.

Then this popped up after restarting.

I skipped the special pop up and finally almost got there. Then this pop up came up. The feeling on these programs are that they work off the web and not like a good old native program.

So this is what the UI finally looks like.

Some of the other settings.

Unfortunately my test movie or sample of a movie says protected under each icon as you can see. So I was not able to convert this to anything.

Once the program finally installed and open, this also opened on the browser which starts to really feel like you downloaded another adware program.

 And more pop ups.

So in the end, since I couldn't transcode the file, I uninstalled it and what do you know, they even offer you a discount pop up.

And this opens up.

And this is the bottom of that page. In the end, It really didn't work well and even though it had all those pop ups at least it seems to have uninstalled fine. This program was a bit more confusing than anything too since it's hard to know what files you need to choose. So it's now gone from my computer.

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