Windows 10, Creating a system image and errors I encountered while trying to make a backup image

September 23, 2015

I have been trying to make a simple system image of my computer to test this feature in windows 10. I had a problem when I first upgraded the system so today I thought I take a closer look. I decided to try and save the image to my nas and just use a networked share. Unfortunately that doesn't work, even though you add your credentials so that the system can log in. Here's the error I get on this.

I then tried to save to my usb 3 drive connected to my router. Still no luck and this is the error I got.

I tried saving to my local drive just to try. Still no luck, nothing shows up.

Lastly, I though I click on the "Create a system repair disk." The only option is a cd and no usb or iso file which would help since all I want to make is a backup on my storage that I can keep there and go back to it if I ever have the need.

Unfortunately at the moment I am having no luck with the built-in tools. This is obviously a problem.

 I have a 16GB USB drive that I thought I also try, just to test this. Unfortunately I had to also format this as NTFS which is not a big deal, so I did.

 After doing a quick format, the system still refuses to let me make an image even with the ntfs drive.

On to the next test. I unplugged the external drive on my router and thought I plug it in to the front usb 2 port and give that a try. It looks like system is finally fine with this setup. As you can see the drive is formatted as ntfs and has plenty of room.

 No problem here...

I just went ahead with this and I'm currently making the image. Although this was my last option for now, there is still the problem of not being able to make a network image since you would have plenty of space there too. Obviously it wants an ntfs file system so this still needs work. The image is something I want to store anyway and not keep it on an external drive since this is the only option that finally worked. Hopefully this will get sorted out so that things work better. As of now I just don't have any other option to do this.

After more than an hour I this got finally done.

 I thought I check the file size after it was done...unfortunately all I got was this? I know it's there as I can see the file, but nothing else.

Here's the message you get if you try to double click on it. I won't try to restore this image as my system is fine but I wanted to cover this as it's one of the very important features that you would hope works without any problems.

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