Windows 10 Official Upgrade

June 30, 2015

I finally got windows 8/10 installed on my virtual server. I thought it was time to start playing with it and see what I can expect or find that I don't like.

So the first thing is the installation. You either use that outlook account or local. It's there but kind of hidden which I found annoying. Specially if you just happen to install the os on more machines than you would like to count.

The next thing is the search's like the ubuntu. It automatically searches the web which is very annoying. If I want to search the web I would go to the web. So you have to disable this feature but it is far more hidden than the ubuntu which only serves to annoy the heck out of you. If you actually think this is a nice feature, I can't help you there. Anyway I found this post which helps with this.

July 29, 2015
Here are the two notices you will get once it gets downloaded to your computer. It all happens in the background by itself, so when I checked, it was already downloaded. I still have not installed it on my laptop though since I just want to install it on my vm first.

Okay, I decided to install the upgrade in my vm, but the vm is not showing it as downloaded. So I have to do this manually for it. Although my laptop has downloaded this already.

So here are the steps, I will write them as I proceed with my test:
1. Download the tool for your version and make sure that you have a legal copy of windows of course. 

Here are the installation videos...the files were pretty big and I forgot about the 15 minute limit on YouTube, so I ended up with four videos. Still working on the last part.

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