Using the Jiayu G4T

Google phone number list

January 19, 2014
- I have now started using the phone a bit more and one of the first things I noticed were my contacts from my google account got synched right to the phone. As it turns out, many of the numbers were not correct and I also have a bunch of other numbers on a few sim cards. So I decided to update the google account so I could bring them all in at once. I didn't know if this would take the changes from the phone or the account. After making my updates I went ahead and syn the phone. It seems to take the new changes so that's a good thing.

- The next item on the list is to change the group of the business numbers so that they don't appear on my regular contacts list. Unfortunately even when I go into the contacts display list and uncheck the business list, once I exit everything and come back in, they all still show up with the built in contacts app. I like to keep these contacts separate. I don't mind if they are still there, but I don't need to see these contacts on a regular basis. The reason I can syn my contacts it's because I'm using my wifi to connect to the internet. Otherwise you would connect through your regular mobile data plan. As of now, this feature doesn't seem to work, but at least all the correct contacts show up on the phone as I have on my account.

I was just updating a number for one of my friends and after I was done I looked at the phone and the numbers were automatically updated. I didn't even have to syn. Wow, that was pretty neat! So I just have to type everything in one place. Of course this would work the same way no matter what program you used once you synchronized it to the phone.

January 20, 2014
Today I went looking for a case that could fit this phone, again. I wanted a vertical belt clip so that I don't have to put this in my pocket. I don't like the horizontal type because they are bulkier and you can't leave those on your belt when you sit in the car. Well at least for me. I finally found one that fit the size of this thing with the rubber case on it which is a good thing as that should also allow the gps to work better as the phone is not hidden in my pocket with my body. I found this one to work best and the velcro keeps the cover on instead of the cheaper magnets the others have which don't even close with this phone. The only problem that I found with it is that the soft part is only on the inner side where the belt clip is on and not the other side facing out. So I have to remember to put the screen facing my body to make sure nothing gets scratched. I guess that's fine for when I get into my car seat. The other thing is that it does not have a headphone hold, so you will have to make that yourself, but I see the material falling apart if you're not careful. Maybe if you burn the edges afterwards it may work, but other than that, I don't mind as long as I can now use it on my belt clip. I can even leave it once I get in the car which is why I prefer the vertical belt clip holders. If I take the rubber cover off it fits a tiny bit loser but once I close the top it still stays snug. So if you get this you really don't need that other cover unless you want to which also covers the edges anyway. Just get the 3000mah battery rubber cover though to make sure it fits.

January 25, 2014
- I have been trying to get the google voice to work on this phone and it just won't work unfortunately. It's installed but even at home with the wifi on, it just won't work. I'm hoping it just needs an update but I have to wait and see.

- I am slowly finding little bits and pieces of how the software works which is helpful, but it's just one of those things you have to just play with it to know.

- So far I had the camera app stop working once when I turned it on and it just gave me a black screen. Rebooting the phone fixed that but I thought that was pretty weird. I have been getting a few small glitches here and there, but nothing like the camera one so far.

Speaking of cameras I am very happy with the rear facing camera, it takes really good video and pictures. As for the front camera even though it's like a 3 or 4 megapixel, the two pictures I have taken aren't the greatest, but better than the old cameras I have seen. Then again my friend who uses an iphone pretty much said the same thing about most if not all front facing cameras suck. I have to agree. Learning to take picutures with a phone like this is something you have to learn to get used to as I still prefer my actual buttons. The good thing is that you can also use the volume up key to take a picture as well, so you're not stuck with the touchscreen only which is nice. Holding the phone is another balance you have to learn and it's worst if the rubber case doesn't quite fit like mine. It just makes getting to the buttons a bit harder. So I have to try not to drop the phone at the same time.


  1. As I have been slowly using the phone a bit more. I found out that the Chinese characters have been fixed on those two icons I couldn't change. Now everything is in English so that's nice to see. Basically one icon is for the recent apps that you have opened and the other is what they call tools. I had renamed it to apps. So now that I can read the names on them they suit them fine so I will leave those alone.

  2. I finally got to hear the actual phone ring tone and the default ringtone is not the best but there are no others to choose from. I would like a normal ring tone. You can add your own if you want, but I like the normal sounds and don't care to have anything else blasting when my phone rings. So at the moment this is a bit of a disappointment.

  3. I have been having a few other issues at the moment. Nothing major but definitely things that are noticeable. One is that I have tried to turn the camera on a few random times and all I get is a black screen. The only way to get the camera to work again has been to reboot the phone. The other is that I have the setting to turn off the phone at midnight and back on in the morning. I noticed that when this is done the phone won't keep charging. I have to unplug it and then plug it back so that the phone starts charging again. The other issue is that the phone turns dark after a call so I have to keep turning it back on in order to just hang up. So the sensor is a bit weird. Lastly I hanged up a call on the phone while connected to my car BT and then it just froze my car stereo, so I have to turn that off and then back on in order to get my radio to work again.

  4. Lately I have been having a few freezes on the phone so I had to reboot it a few times. Also I finally got to use it outside with headphones and the volume is a bit on the low side with traffic going by so it's a bit hard to hear at times.

  5. I added my moms phone number without a name since I had to call her phone. I noticed that I got Chinese characters on her number. I didn't add her name since I just dialed the home number. I don't know what that was about but they may need to look into this.

  6. Apparently this phone is now affected by heartbleed bug and I haven't seen anything being updated on it. So I thought I mentioned it for anyone else using it.

  7. My phone stopped being able to access my nas, at all. So I have been having some network issues with my router. I got that sorted out, but I still can't access my nas. I can see all network devices when I scan the network from the phone, but can't ping anything. I have tried all different ip settings on the router and nothing. I should clarify that I am able to access my nas from the computers. Yes that's is correct, everything is working fine there. So for testing purposes I thought I do a factory reset as I kept having some issues with stuff not working correctly. This also would basically take out all the apps, in case one of them as causing a problem. Unfortunately my no access has also continued on after doing this as well. I now have the two icons with chinese writing on it back again. Also the other problem with the phone is that I have not seen any updates since I got it. It would be nice to have an updated firmware that doesn't take me back to chinese characters, but a totally new english version so I don't have to keep reconfiguring the phone and taking out the french language either. Needless to say I am finally throwing in the towel for this one problem as I just can't think of what else could be causing this issue. Remember, it did work before until recently. There was an update to the esfile explorer I was using, so I downloaded others and got the same thing. I'll uninstall this one and see if I still get the same thing as that's the only thing I have left to try. Heck I'll do this now to test it. I also took out lookout which is something I also use, but I'm taking off anything that may be a possible cause. Well I'm still getting 100 % packet loss on the phone. Needless to say not being able to get updates from the company is a downside if you buy a chinese phone. Don't get me wrong, it works but somethings can definitely be improved. One annoying thing that I have also ran into is how the sensor on the phone turns off the screen when you're on a call. Once I have finished the call and look at the phone, the screen is black and you have to wait for it to come back on. There is no way to turn it back on manually that I can tell and have to wait for that screen to come back in order to hang up the call. This is extremely annoying as I just want to hang up as soon as I'm done and not have to wait for it. Trust me, this will gets old fast.

  8. I did forget to mention in the post above that I can access the internet from the phone, just can't access my nas any longer or ping any other computer on the network. I really don't know what the heck has happened, but there have also been some security issues which is the reason I would like to see some updates, but as it is, the phone is still just the way I got it.

  9. I also noticed that after the factory reset, many of the old program files and other files where still on the phone, so it didn't completely wipe everything on it.