Crimestopper car alarm usb remote fix

August 31, 2016

I have this car alarm that comes with a usb remote, but the remote died on me and I'm still not sure why since I did keep it charged all the time. In any case I wanted to fix it because they charge what a new alarm cost just for this remote which makes no sense. I figured it was just the battery since I had not broken the actual remote and it just stopped working. I decided to just open it up and take a peak inside. Although it's a bit hard to open, but not impossible I found the battery and decided to get a new one since I couldn't measure any charge from the old one. Unfortunately it uses a very thin battery and this particular battery number barely showed up anywhere. I ended up ordering it from ali express. Here's the battery I bought for this crime stopper alarm usb remote.

I finally got the battery and installed it last night. The only down side I found was that the new battery is just a mm longer and the wires were shorter than the original. So I just installed it upside down. I thought about using the old wires to extend it, but didn't want to add any extra steps so this worked just fine. I just had to lightly tuck the top in with my nail and was finally able to close it. It's just a tad tighter but works fine. I didn't stick the battery to the board this time as it needs to be tucked into the back case first so that you can put the pcb back on and close the covers.

After I was done, the remote turned off. I thought I may have done something, but I finally found a usb cable and plugged it in for a bit. It was just low and the remote turned back on. I have it charging from the computer usb and so far it's charging as you will see on the pictures. I don't know if it was the circuit on the old board that stopped working or what, but I know that once you deplete these type of batteries they won't work any more, so hopefully this will work fine again. The usb port just makes it very convenient to charge from your computer usb port.

Here's the new battery with the remote apart as I was getting ready to solder it.

These are the numbers on the old battery and the new one. Use the 402436 to find this size battery. I also ordered a different one that I thought could work but it was too thick, but shorter. You can see the old one puffed up a bit compared to the new one.

This is were I noticed the new battery wires were a little shorter than the old one.

Here's a picture of the before I remove the wires to make sure I knew which was positive and negative.

The new battery soldered to the board.

It started working as soon as the positive lead touched which also made it a bit hard to solder since the remote started vibrating. Not hard but took me by surprise.

You can see here the battery is upside down, meaning the circuit is on the lower side now since the wires were shorter.

Assuming the circuitry on the remote is all working fine, it should charge up with no problems.

It looks like it's charging so far. Now you can just spend a few bucks to fix it instead of  the high price sellers want online. Now, this is what I did for mine, if you break yours I'm not responsible. Do this at your own risk. I'm just happy to have my usb remote working again. I think that it may just need to be reprogrammed again since I can't hear the alarm working when I press the button. But your manual is your friend.

Good news. The remote finished charging and I just tried it and works just fine without reprogramming it. I just need to change the options and fix the clock on it and it's all good again.

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