Hypercam video settings

April 26, 2016

This is just a small write up about the hypercam settings in order to get started with screen recording on windows. I like to use this to make videos of installs or any instruction based videos. Normally you have to go through a few hoops in order to get something like this setup but I found this is something that has worked for me as far as video capture is concerned. It's simple and the program is small enough that once you learn how to use it it's not something you have to keep messing with. Unfortunately the sound is the only thing I still have to mess around with as it could just be my old motherboard that just doesn't like this. In any case here are the screenshots to show you what I use and what has worked so far.

Here's where you get the program from. http://www.hyperionics.com/

 This is the initial install screen.

 And a second or two later, it's installed.

 Here's where you check your version. Just hit the license tab and this will show you what version you are using.

There's no change required on the screen are tab until you choose what you want to capture, a region or window. 

 I leave the hot key tab on the defaults.

 This is the default AVI file tab. This is the one you really need to change.

In order for the speed to work, you have to decrease the frame rate. I changed it to 5 and this seems to work. You also need to change the video compressor. I am using the Xvid Mpeg 4 on my other setup.  I haven't installed it here yet, but this is very important. I found the auto select not to work well. Here's the link to this codec. Just follow the directions and use the defaults on this.

Here's the xvid codec installed and changed.

 Here's the default sound tab.

 Here's the changed sound tab to use the microphone I have plug into the computer. Everything else I leave alone.
 Here's the default options tab.

Here's the change I made to the options tab. I uncheck the record cursor. I don't need that, but it's up to you.

I wanted to do this small write up because I have to keep re-installing the programs when I set up any new computer and I can't remember everything so this helps me keep those settings in a place where I can refer back to and be back on my way instead of having to figure it all out again. Now you should be able to make a few videos yourself and just tweak the mic settings. Make sure you do a short video test with sound before committing to a long video or you may find that your sound didn't work. Don't ask me how I know. :)

The only downside is those tiny ads at the bottom. It's not intrusive but I'm not crazy about ads in programs, specially after all the malware some of the ads have been spreading.

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