Making ISO Images

March 31, 2015
I have been trying to get an image of an original windows 7 disk so that I can use it to install it in a virtual machine. Since I already used two different programs I thought I put them here and whatever else I can find.

I started with this one first. I have used it for some time and I know it works well.

After using the first program I thought, okay maybe xen just doesn't like that I tried this one.
I managed to make an image with both programs, but neither works with xen. 

So I have just downloaded this one to try out.

I have now managed to create three separate isos and it looks like the problem was the xen server! I deleted the library and vm and started over after I finished the third iso which is slightly different in size. I also left the second iso and proceeded to make a new vm. It looks like it's now installing from the second original cd iso image. In short, all of the programs above should have no problem making an iso image from what I can tell. If you keep getting the same thing, it's time to check everything else before the isos.

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