Jiayu G4 stopped charging (Broken usb port)

January 14, 2016
My phone started acting up every time I tried charging it. It started doing this last month and low and behold, the usb port was the culprit. I contacted the place I bought it from to see if they had a fix for it, but they of course never returned my email. Which is another reason you should just buy a phone locally. In any case, I finally got around to fixing it and as soon as I took it apart, the usb port just fell off the board if you can believe that. I finally got a new replacement board I bought off ebay for a few bucks. Unfortunately the pins are so small I just don't have anything to solder it back. You would need the hot air tool for this and I just don't have one. I don't think even superman could solder each pin one at a time. This is just that small unless you have a lab with a microscope and the right tools. I know many people started having this issue which is a real shame as the phone hardware has been fine, until this happened. Also keeping the amount of apps to just a handful has made a huge difference too. Stay away from anything you don't actually use and you will see your phone performing the way it should. Even with these phones. The good news is that it is now working like new again. I forgot to mention that I just bought the whole board for a couple of dollars which came with a new usb port already soldered. It was just a matter of swapping the boards after taking it apart.

The usb port falling off as I opened the case.

Here's the board removed.

The new replacement board.

The old board without the usb port attached.


esar said...

I can't find any boards in stock that arn't over $200, so you know a supplier please

esar said...
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Jaime Vigil said...

I bought mine off ebay. I don't see it listed but you can contact the seller. It was can810421. I just checeked on my ebay account. It was just a couple of dollars. Don't bother looking at those listing something like this for hundreds of dollars. If you can't find one then just getting a new phone will probably cost you less. Although with a bit less power in terms of hardware.