TRENDnet TEW-737HRE N300 High Power Easy-N-Range Extender

October 22, 2014
I have a router that gives me a fairly good range with the wireless, but I needed to get a bit more distance from the edge of my range. I personally have never used these since I didn't really have a need, but I had people asked me a few times what they could use for a similar application. Well, now that I have finally used one for myself I can point them to at least one I know seems to work. Before the trendnet extender I purchased one of the netgear extenders, but the software implementation on them sucked and actually seem to slow down my internet when going through it. On top of that they used a secondary ssdi which meant I had to change networks each time I wanted to go farther. In short I took that one back. That is not to say that netgear hardware is all bad. I got two other negear components and they are working fine.

This is where this extender comes in. If you need to extend your signal a bit, this one will do it and for less than the netgear. The install is a no brainer if your router has the wps button. Just follow the directions included. It will however use the same exact ssid as your network which means it will be working seamlessly. So you need to first find where your signal is lower or the edge of your router, set the extender near the router before you try using it anywhere else. Then place it in the area where signal is lower and just make sure you still get some signal for the extender to pick it up of course. Let it boot and you should be able to test in the same area where singal was low, now your signal should be much better and the web surfing should feel about the same. The netgear didn't really show any more difference than the router. I can tell the difference with this one as I can walk outside now and still get access. Just remember, it extends the network a bit, but depending on how many walls and other things, it may be just a bit more or even more if it's a more open space. It's something you have to test and then deicide where to place it. That's pretty much it. This should open up things a bit more if say you want something in a garage that doesn't quite get signal and it's not something your always using anyway.

You can get this from amazon for about 29 and change plus shipping depending on when you buy.

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