Zyxel NBG4615 Router


I had this router running like a champ until it started doing stuff like this. I also have another zyxel which cost more and also started  dropping my network connection. One thing I noticed was the change of my LAN ip from to on this one. It says there is some kind of ips ip conflict which is weird since it's my internal ip and not my isp ip which is a dynamic ip and not a static ip. The modem is a .0 and I have used them like this for a long time. Since it's getting harder and harder to get to support I thought I post here so it's easier for me to add the pictures as some of the support systems won't let you attach a picture. Although these two routers are doing something similar, I noticed that my third router just change the ip as well, on it's own. So I'm still trying to figure out what could be causing this as the modem and router have a different ip as they should.

I have contacted the isp as I didn't have anything else on this morning when I was on the computer. I should note that my second zyxel drops my wired connections and I may make a page for that one too. The good thing is that this last router not from zyxel has better range and only the ip similarity, but everything else seems to work fine without dropping my connection. As you can see I'm still on the internet. Anyway back to the nbg4615. Here's a screenshot of what it's doing since I can't even do much on it. Since I have taken both zyxel routers off line I used my laptop to try configure them again. Well I was trying to see if I could make them work again yesterday. There is no firmware updates for either that I can see, so I'm stuck with this and two non working zyxel routers. Or either that I can actually use. I did reset them, but this is what showed after that too.

This router has now been discontinued and there is a version 2 now. It worked great when it did, too bad they don't support their older hardware as it still works just fine. Well the firmware needs updating though and they don't seem to care much about that.

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Jaime said...

I ended up buying a new router and took the two zyxels out of commision. They were great when they did work, but after that, nothing. The worst part is that they don't update their firmware much. I have been waiting for a fix on them for a long time now and just gave up. My new router which is not zyxel is working just fine. Anyway I just wanted to update this since I had forgotten about them. I still have them and if they ever fix them I will update the firmwares.