Xen Server 6.5.0

March 31, 2015
I finally got my machine put together so now it was time to set up my test virtual server. I chose this one because I have used it in the past so I wanted to see what is new on it now. Here are the screenshots from my first vm install which is just Windows 7. I have more screen shots but google is still acting up and won't let me upload any pictures no matter what size as these are just screen shots. So I'll try to get the rest up whenever that gets fixed.

Here's the very first screen after the server is installed and your Xen Center up and running too.

Once you add a server, this is what you get.

Creating the first vm.

Choosing what to install.

Naming your vm and adding a description. I like this as I can add a few details to remind me what I installed from for example.

Choosing the media.

Total Memory Allowed for this vm

I didn't want to use all that for this vm so I went down and the lowest you can assign for a Win 7 64 bit is ~2Gigs.

Next is the space you want to give it.

The local Win 7 64 bit with all the programs I need installed barely made it past the 35 gigs, but I went with 150 gigs just to be safe since I did use a 100gig drive before when I was testing and although that worked just fine, the extra 50 gigs gives is a bit of breathing room if I need it which I know I won't as this is just for testing purposes only so it's fine.

This next screen is where you make your change.

So I gave it the 150gig.

Nothing to do here so just hit next.

All set, let it create the vm...

I booting this vm from an external usb cd rom.

I booted the Ubuntu distro directly for the iso on the nas at the same time. I want to see how the machine performs.

So far the linux distro installed without a hitch.

At this point I got a bit lost since I haven't used this for so long. I was looking at the wrong console as I already knew that's what I need to look in order to configure the Windows vm.

I ejected the cd since I didn't see any progress on the windows vm and of course I got a bunch of errors.

So far Ubuntu had no problems at all.

Even the updates worked right off the bat.

The windows vm on the other hand, well it's a total blank. So I decided to update the xen since there was an update for it and the server itself, but I did that one already.

 After ejecting the cd from the menu here, I could not turn the vm on no matter what until I unplugged the usb cd rom.

Although the usb cd rom is connected to one of the usb 3 ports, this is where it has completed stuck. I don't see anything else happening. Keep in mind that I am using the actual windows 7 cd I bought.

I posted a question about this on the citrix facebook page and they just deleted it. Way to go Citrix! I moved to a usb 2 port and still the same thing...I'll make an image of the cd and see if that works. I'm just testing different things. Maybe it's just the cd which I have only used like two times since I bought it or something else.
Well, I keep getting stuck here when booting off the usb cd rom...

I finally decided to just delete the whole vm and start over. Unfortunately I am finding out that even making an iso of the actual windows 7 original cd I have so that I can install it in a virtual vm doesn't work! In short I can't even get windows installed no matter what I do. I have made two isos and the will not recognize the isos as a library. I have used two different programs to make the isos and I'm still getting the same thing. I also accidentally double clicked the cd and the install windows screen came up. I know it works as I installed it when I first got it but I took that machine out so I have never installed it again until now. So at this point is a cd problem or xen issue because I just cane get this to even work. I have windows 10 preview that I'll install since that is an iso and try that. I'll go read up a bit more on this and see what else I can find about making the iso from the original cd. I I can't get this installed on a test server I don't even want to think about trying it on a production server.

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