Vmware 6

July 24, 2016

I used vmware way back when they started out for a while, but over time they grew and grew and had so many different things that it was hard to tell what was what. Anyway I didn't really need it so I stopped using it. I later started using Xen just because it's simpler to get going without having to jump through too many hoops. It's also open source and that helps if you just want to test stuff at home before you do it at work. Anyway, I thought I give the old vmware install a try, under a virtual server since I don't have an actual server to install this to but I do have xen set up for my virtual tests. Unfortunately it just won't install because it can't find any network cards. Xen also doesn't have any templates for vmware, but still, it's another linux piece of software. I tried both the gui and text to see if the install would go through, but it just doesn't. Here's are the screenshots.

 Here are your options. GUI or text.

 Media was okay, so I proceeded.

 The first screen.

 Things looked fine...
 Then it just stops.

 Here's the text version. So far so good.

And then it just stops, again. So no matter which one I chose, it doesn't want to install. Even though this is under a virtual machine, it really shouldn't matter. Well, I tried. I may come back to this if something does change since I did want to see it now.

 I also had to use the other install media option since there is no template here, but still no go.

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