Ubuntu 13.10 slows to a crawl after new clean installation - how I got it working.

I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 on my old cnc machine because the linux cnc cd didn't support the 8 gigs of memory this old computer has. They only have a 32 bit version which also didn't pick up my new wireless card I installed on the machine. So this is the reason I went to the latest they have. In any case Ubuntu has been a dog to use since they went with that unity stuff.  This version is no different and it moved worst than a turtle when trying to use it. Fortunately I have some experience using it for a while and I have been using their versions since the earlier days. There are two changes I made and this is all it takes on this version to make this darn thing usable as a regular OS.

1. Is to turn off the internet search. That's one annoying thing. This is found in the privacy settings.

2. Install the fallback desktop, log out, then back in with the fallback and no special anything. I forget what it's called but you will see it on the login drop down menu. Choose that and you're back in business. So this gets rid of the unity desktop which I know most prefer anyway and has always been my favorite and why I stuck with the OS for the longest time. There are many other things you can do, but I just like a working OS myself so I don't bother with much else if it works.
sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Here is the link where I found the information for this as this was what I was looking for and couldn't remember the commands.

Now there is no linux cnc 64 bit, but at least all my hardware seems to be working with the new OS. So I will try to use a virtual machine for it, if it doesn't work then I'll have to see if I can figure out how to get it on this version to make it work. Anyway I had to post this since I think it will help others with the junk that Canonical has been putting out lately. Okay for a while now.

As you can see I like my stuff simple and working. Now even the new wireless card is working on this old machine. I had to fix a few things on it, but it looks like it will be ready as soon as I can get the PS changed too.

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Jaime said...

After getting 13.10 to work on the old machine I decided to get Ubuntu 14 beta and try it out. Unfortunately I could not get anything to show up after I logged in. All I got was a garbage screen or black screen that never got anywhere. I also tried 13.10 on that other machine and I still got the same thing. So I changed the motherboard from the intel to the amd. Well I got the same thing on different hardware. So apparently Ubuntu is still putting out stuff that just won't even load on actual hardware. I noticed a few videos on youtube showing how great the new OS works. I then contacted one of the posters to ask what hardware he was using. He said that he was running it as a virtual machine. Well that explains that. If you really want to see if this works, try it on actual hardware, it's not the same thing. Well I have and have also tried laptops which did the same thing on previous versions with unity. So until they fix that, Ubuntu is still now working with their current versions on actual hardware.