Adding the Mate Desktop Environment to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

March 17, 2015
Although I have been using Ubuntu on and off from the time they started making it, once they made the change to Unity, everything pretty much went downhill for me. I truly can say that I have never liked this setup and I still prefer the old style that Gnome had. It was simple and very functional. Although I'm not stuck in the old days and don't mind changes, the new layout is just something I have never cared for. I like the simplicity of the old style and no hidden menus. I can't stand that because you spend more time looking for things than actually getting anything done. So today I thought I give this a try to see if it could be done. If not here's the link where you can actually download this version of Ubuntu with Mate. If you follow this sort of thing you know that Microsoft did the same thing, but are now going back and putting the menus below. Of course there were many issues with changes I guess, but now MATE gives you the older style with the new updates if you will. Okay that's the basics I just read about and I just had to test it myself and sure enough I got it working without much interaction.

Here are the instructions I will be following.

So the first thing I did was add those to links to the repository in Ubuntu.

The software updater said that there are some other updates it needs to install...just hit okay.

Next, I'm just going to install the Ubuntu MATE Remix for a seamless install.

So now what? After installation I just rebooted. I saw the MATE logo come up but the login looks the same. Remember I already had Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed. This took me  a moment to figure out since it looks like everything installed fine but after I logged in, it was still the same desktop. With a little more looking around I found what I needed to do in order to switch to the new/old look that I prefer. I found you have to change it here.

And here is the result after changing the option to MATE and logging in. The cool part about this is that you now have both options. You still have UNITY if you actually like that or change it to MATE. Now I'm a happy camper once again. I'll just change the green as I do like the orange look from Ubuntu though. Other than that, even my three window buttons are on the right hand side. I still don't know why they force you to have everything on left hand side since most of the world is right handed. My guess is that it must have been a left handed person working on this or someone that just wanted to pissed the world over. Okay I really don't know, but either way, it's back to normal! Enjoy!

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