Very old Dremel Mini Mite 750

March 29, 2016

We have been cleaning out some things in the yard shed. I found this old little battery operated dremel. Unfortunately I couldn't find the charger anywhere so I don't even know if my dad had it or someone just gave this to him. This thing is so old that parts don't seem to be available. It actually uses Ni-Cd batteries and since it still has the pack on it I thought I try to make it useful again without having to buy anything. Apparently  you can get a battery holder that uses four AA batteries, but it looks like I can do the same with the original, with a little bit of work. So that's what this page is going to be. I will try to give this thing life again. We already have two other corded dremels, one which I just finished fixing not too long ago and it works just fine. A bit rough due to some rust, but still works. I just thought I try to see if I could make this one work again by taking it apart. It looks like the battery pack is just four AA batteries and I have the HF charger that can also charge these types of batteries so the goal is to use that charger to charge these old batteries when needed. I'll just have to take it apart each time I want to recharge. It's easy to take apart, I just have to make sure I get the polarity back on right and it should work, assuming the old batteries still work or hold a charge again. If not I can use new batteries, but I'll give the old ones a try first.

This is a page I just found about someone else who did something similar. I will just try to re-use the old bridge since I was able to take them off without breaking and just use electrical tape to hold them back on the batteries since I want to be able to use the charger I already have with them and not have to buy anything else. I don't need it, but the batteries are also about 16 dollars for this old thing, so there's no point in spending more on it. It's a nice little dremel, but it's very old and the button is missing on mine.

The rest is just going to be all the pictures of the process. I'm still taking pictures, so those will be uploaded once I get this done. Now recharging the batteries too.

Here are the pictures.!1354&authkey=!AAWske9Z7YDZ7_8&ithint=album%2c

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