Brother MFC-7860DW

February 6, 2016

I had this printer for a while now and it always seems to have it's moments. Today I was trying to get some scanning done after a new install. I had to change the folder to the nas so I don't have to keep moving things. It was working yesterday when I installed it. I actually used it for a while. Today however, it just refuses to save anything and gives me this error.

I downloaded the local drivers and updated that as well to see if it would help. My printer is networked but I figured, it's not working anyway so I'll try it. Unfortunately the drivers from what the site shows haven't been updated since like 2013 which sucks since now I'm using windows 10 with it. You don't change printers every time there is a new operating system. Don't even bother trying to use it with linux unless you really like a headache. I just hope they will start updating the drivers for these things. But of course when you want to actually use it, it refuses to work.

The other problem I noticed is in the options. I can't choose the regular photo viewer like when you use the default local folders for some reason. This ends up opening the program each time you close the picture of whatever you are scanning.  This just means it slows the process down even more with every scan you want to save. If you have a brother and you have used this you know what I mean. In any case, this old software won't allow me to change the programs, you just get whatever options the program picks up.

I think I just solve my own problem as I was writing this. It's going to office draw for whatever reason. I changed it to paint and it saved, but I also found out that it reset my default folder to my local machine which is not what I want.

I have my nas drive mapped and the software still would not worked until I clicked on the actual drive letter even though I had gone into the drive from the ip directly. Then the red x turned green, and now I am able to scan to it. So yes, it looks like the software needs a bit of an update.

The good news is I got it working again.

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