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July 12, 2016

The next program I thought I try for video trans-coding was this one. These were some of the recommended options I found, but as you will see, it definitely wasn't quite what I hoped it would be.

The install went fine with not extra software that I could tell.

Then this browser page pop up and the two below asking you to buy it after you start it. I think it needed a restart of the computer but I never bothered to do that. It worked fine.

I went with the trial.

Here's what it gave me.

This program did let me go straight to mp4 and mkv directly from the cd, but it also added that dvdfab watermark which just sucks, but at least it worked. Trust me, the water mark is extremely annoying since it goes out, then pops up every now and then throughout the movie.

It has a simple screen to choose the type. So after doing my tests I just got rid of it. Posting this page doesn't seem like I spent much time on it, but I did testing the output files which believe me took a long time.

So far the uninstall looks fine. I have not restarted though. You really have to be careful about what you install nowadays, but for blogging and testing, I figure I could save you some time on these. I can't remember the quality on this one unfortunately.

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Unknown said...

The water mark is probably because it is a trial version. I have used dvdfab for year and love it.