Win DVD Ripper

July 12, 2016

Win dvd ripper is nother program I thought I try. And sure enough, it left me with the same feeling as the other two.

 The install seemed fine with no added software that I could find.

 Then since it's only a trial, the nagging pop ups started every time I tried to do anything.

 After getting through the pop up screen I was able to try and test this. It shows all the files and only checks the first, so it's not simple to use in order to get the correct file. Although I managed to get the files trans-coded the resolution was not great. At least there was no watermark on this program.

I really didn't like their pop ups and quality so out of the computer it went. At least it seemed to uninstall fine. I have yet to restart the computer so we'll see. But I thought I test a few of these to see if there was anything other than the make mkv that would work as well. Unfortunately they all have their pros and cons. Make mkv just works and it's simple to use, but you have that extra step of having to make and mkv file. I was able to go from dvd straight to mp4 with this one I think it was. So it was one less step and wait time and only needed one program to do what I needed. The mkv file required the use of handbrake to finally get to an mp4 file which is no fun either, but at least the files play well and seem fine. Well, I'm calling it a day for now on these until something better comes along.Thankfully this is not something I will need, but it's nice to find something that just works without all the junk you get on many programs and or pop ups. This one was the worst with that.

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