Apex MI-110 Computer case

April 25, 2014
After starting to play with the CAD program again I found out I really needed to get a better computer setup for cad. I normally use the built in everything boards as they have been fine for what I normally do. I already have a board with four gigs and better cpu than the tiny computer I got, but it turns out the graphics card is worst than the first computer I was using for it. So I bought a cheap video card and that turned out to be the wrong port type, not to mention the huge heat sink on it. In short I ended up using it on the cnc machine that I'm slowly putting together. That board had the correct port and space and allowed me to upgrade that machine to also have an hdmi port. So as far as the hardware, I got most of that pretty much there. Now I just need a cnc program, but that will come later once I figure out how to get the motors mounted and all that good stuff which is a lot of work.

Now with that said, I went looking for a card specific for the board I'm now setting up which was on a smaller case and the card I found seems slim, but I realized that I would need a slightly bigger case for my purpose. So this is where the Apex MI-110 comes in. I found it online and decided to ordered it as it look like it would work for my CAD station and also allow me to use this four 2.5" drive bay that I bought some time back. I didn't want to take any pictures, but I made some videos of the case for your viewing pleasure. I'm still waiting for that card which has been on hold from Amazon for the last two days, no idea why, but we'll see if it ever shows up. The card is long but seems to have a low profile heat sink and fan. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed as the space where the cards go don't seem large enough. So far I'm liking the setup, the noise not so much but I knew it would be there before I bought it. I can always get a pico psu and that should take care of it, but I'll use it as is for now.

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