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July 25, 2015

I have finally started uploading a few of my designs to pinshape. This is a site that allows anyone to buy/sell parts. Of course you do need a 3D Printer in order to print them or you can use one of many different sites to print them for you if you don't have one yourself. You can find my designs here.

Here are a few of the printing services available to make prints. You can also check your local area to see if there are any 3D Printing stores that may be able to do this for you as well. This is probably a good thing too as some of the prints can take hours, depending on the size of the prints and quality, they can even go 24 hours! Yes I have done a couple 24 hour prints myself. So patience is definitely important when it comes to 3D Printing as there is also a lot to learn if you are not familiar or don't have your own printer.

3D Printing Services

UPDATE: March 30, 2016
Unfortunately pinshape is going out of business so I have now taken out my files and if I do sell anything I make it may be through here or some other site. I will still make things, but won't be posting elsewhere much. If I do it may just stay here on my blog and I'll post when I get something printed, but not before. It's definitely a tough business to sell anything, specially 3D printed, but there is a lot of good stuff out there.

Update: May 13, 2018
Pinshape didn't go out of business so I'm back posting my designs there. I just started so I don't have too many, but I'll post some designs up there in case anyone is interested in buying something I make. You will need a 3D printer, but I think this is just the best way to do this. All support is appreciated.

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