Jensen VX7010

July 26, 2014
I just got this unit installed in my car and these are a few problems I'm running into.

This is the initial error I encountered when I connect the micro sd card to my computer and open the program. After ignoring this message I was able to continue, but the update took a bit over two hours, yes two hours. I have also noticed that I don't have any 3D images for the 3D maps. It looks just like any 2D map except the angle, but no 3D buildings or anything that I can use to see what buildings are in any area.

I have also started experiencing this error. I just leave the map on and this crash happens.It's random, but has been happening every time I use the gps now. It basically freezes the radio and I have to turn it off and back on again to get it working correctly. I was also using the gps and just had the map on today, different day from this video and the same thing happened. I just had the gps on with the music playing and it just froze again. I wasn't even touching it, just driving.

One other thing is that I have a dash camera and I ended up connecting it to the backup camera input. It was working fine before the update. I could see what the camera saw when I went into that option. After the update, that no longer works. I didn't bother connecting the green/white wire as it was working and I only wanted to manually look at this camera since I don't have a rear camera yet. I also had to turn up the volume all the way to 6 on the gps volume settings because it's too low and I can barely hear it when it stops the music and gives me directions. Can this be fixed so that it can also be made louder?

August 20, 2014
After making the suggested troubleshooting with the maps and finding out that it didn't do any good. I went back into the software and saw that there were some map updates. I thought it was something else, but it turned out to be the same maps and took the same two hours to update, again. I figured I just let that go since I was not doing anything. Either way that seems to have taken cared of the freezing error, but I still had the other problems.

Today I decided to put the 12v to the green/white wire to see if the camera would work. This was the suggestion from the troubleshooting I have been looking at. Unfortunately even if the image came back, I still couldn't leave that plugged in to a 12v source as that automatically switches to the camera so I would have that on all the time which is not what I want to do anyway. I want to be able to view what the camera sees, but only when I go into that setting. Well the input changes to the camera but I still see no image. I just wanted to test this before I went ahead and try the last thing, which is to restore the original maps file that the unit came with before sending this in if I have to which is the last thing Jensen has suggested. So I'm about to do this now and see if the maps change and the camera comes back.

I just opened the naviextras program and there was an update for it. I had no choice but to do it since it wont let me do anything else which is fine. I just went ahead and reloaded the original file backup and that only took about 10 minutes which is nice but then....

After the backup was restored I got this warning again. This time I just went ahead and disconnected and going to test the sd card on the car and see if that worked or not.
Okay, I just tried the restore again on a second usb port I have on the front of the computer as it keeps telling me that the card would be faster on a different port. Either way it also took about 10 minutes and I also tried the ignore on this try and the program just unmounted the sd card. So I guess the restore worked.

With that said I decided to also take out my dash cam sd card to check it and see if it was working correctly. I couldn't see any new videos so I deleted everything in it, did the same error scan and found some errors on it. So now that that is also checked, and I also did a scan on my computer just to clean up any browsing stuff that I don't need, lets see if the dash cam comes back to life since I can't seem to view it.

Aha...well I feel a bit silly. I was just looking at the wires since I have taken my dash apart and while doing all these updates, I tried again and still nothing, so I thought, well the camera is working, why the hell is it not coming on the it turns out, the plug fell out when I installed the unit on the second time or third. In any case, I just plugged it back up and it works just like the first time. In short, use some tape on any camera you plug into any of those rca connectors. My camera fits a bit lose. I did bend the tabs a bit now, but still, take should keep that in place and now you know what to check first. I just assumed it was plugged in until I followed the plugged tonight since I just updated again and still no picture. All is good with this now, thankfully, that was driving me nuts. So I'll test the gps again to make sure I don't get any more weird freezes which seemed to fade away with the second updating I tried. Now the third or fourth.

I have now posted all the videos regarding this unit on youtube. Just look for this model and you can view them to get a better idea of what you get.

One of the two most annoying things of this unit is that I can barely hear the gps and nothing I do can make the volume the same as the radio, or where the radio is. This is making it very hard to hear the directions and it's just as annoying as not being able to turn up the volume on the unit. It just doesn't have enough power and well, it doesn't sound great. I just hope the amp will help once I get to it and get all the wiring done. Aside from the volume with the head unit and gps volume and no 3D buildings on it, the head unit seems to still work which is a good thing.

November 6, 2014

Here's one more update on this radio which is turning into a non functioning unit unfortunately. I have not used my car for like two days and when I finally went out and tried to use the gps...well it just didn't work. I am now getting a new error. As you can see, now I can't even use the gps at all.

Update: January 2, 2015
I got in touch with crutchfield where I got my unit from and after trying everything on my side to fix this, they offered me an exchange. I have give it to them, their support is pretty awesome. In short I got the replacement unit installed and it's working.
I didn't really want to do the updates since I just wasn't sure if that's what was also messing things up, but I went ahead with that anyway. Unfortunately the software still gave me that first error message you see at the top of this page when trying to open up the software with the sd card in there. I also bought a new sd card reader and also tried it on a laptop instead of my desktop and still got the same thing. So there is still a problem with their software, but at least the update went though okay and the gps is working in my car again. The only two minor things now are the new lcd makes a loud noise when popping out and the knob is a bit more lose on the unit I now have. It's not noticeable when using it, but it was when I was inspecting the unit. Overall it all still works so only time will tell and frankly I just hope it keeps working. I just want to enjoy it now. Oh yeah, this one still has no 3D buildings but everything else is still there. 

I also started using the trip app which I think will come in very handy since the android apps I have tried suck so that was a nice thing they added there.

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