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January 20, 2015
Lately I have been needing some parts for my cars and since I have older cars they can be hard to find. Not that they don't make them, it's just like anything else, you don't have the part when you need it. So I thought I put something together with links to places where I can at least order parts and know that they actually have them. Yes you can also check your local auto parts stores before ordering which is good since you may not have to wait. But some bigger parts like say a distributor may be cheaper to order it from elsewhere if you can't find it locally or at your local auto wrecking yard. This is is just an example. I was just looking for the o-ring for the distributor on one of my cars and well, I ended up going to the dealer since the one I used before didn't work too well. They of course want 6 bucks for an o-ring that is about the size of a quarter! I guess I could have waited to order it, but that thing is leaking and well I couldn't find the other cap o-ring in the local stores for this Toyota when I was looking for it. Go figure.
I can find parts for a 1980 VW on-line with no problems for the most part, but not for a 1985 Toyota. Well enough of that, here we go. These are in no specific order and I just want to have something I can look at instead of searching all the time or each time I need a car part. At least this should help save me a little more time in searches since I know some of them have the parts in stock, for the most part. Many of these ship from warehouses all over the united states, but I put down their office/headquarter locations.
Of course you can always go on-line and find a million hits, but I don't need all that. Just a page with the few I can do a quick check for anything I may need.

Tempe, AZ (European Parts)

San Clemente


Milford, Connecticut (European Parts)
I just found out they also have an import site. They no longer sell import parts.

Windsor, CT (European Parts)

Madison, Wisconsin

Pepperell, Massachusetts

New Jersey
I just found them online, but don't know how they are.

I can't forget some of the more well known local stores. At least to check prices and if they actually have the part you need in stock.
Pepboys is local to me, but their website is the worst of the local stores. They still haven't fix their site even thought I did mentioned it to them. I was told they were going to be updating it, but I guess they don't have anyone doing that. This sucks as they sometimes have the other parts the other two don't have.

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