3D Printer wire spares

May 26, 2016

Due to the cable movement on the 3d printer, they tend to eventually break. Some more than others, like the heater wires more than anything since they are also very thin unfortunately. I am not having issues with my extruder fans just stopping in the middle of a print as well. Since I don't want to hack my own wires, I thought I take a look to see what's available. I also don't have any of these plugs that my printer uses and found this set which I have decided to get to fix my fan problem. Of course you have a few options, you can just get the original from the manufacturer or make your own or get a pre-made set like this. It's only a few bucks and all connections are already installed. I also plan on re-routing the wires through the top of the printer instead of my chain guide. I figure I can just unplug the old one and put this in place without even taking the printer apart too much. I figured I can just leave the old cable in there unless it causes a problem with I don't see happening. I just have to tie it down a bit and out of the way.

Here's what this set looks like. I only need to fix the fans now but I get a few more in case I need those later. Now this is not made for my printer but the plugs I need are similar to this one.

Here's the part I just bought myself.

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