3D Printer bed paper roll

January 14, 2016
I ended up breaking the kapton tape on my 3d printer bed and needed to get more be covering. Unfortunately the kapton is not cheap even though it's been around for a long time so I decided to give this roll a try. Although it works, I found that it is a bit short for my bed so I have to cut a few extra pieces to cover the rest on my bed. Not a bid deal until I had to do this again. The material is stuck together so well that it's very hard to take apart, and once you try it can and will rip. If it does you're in for a good time in frustration as you will see in the pictures. getting this to lift in one piece was no fun. I eventually did it again, but man this is just nuts, but until those kapton sheets go down more, I can live with this.

 This is what you end up when it rips on you. It's no fun, trust me on this.

So you will end up wasting some of it, even if you're very careful. So if you can find the pre-cut sheets for your bed at a good price, stick with that. If not this will work but you should be aware of this. I put this in a review I did but of  course they left these pictures out so I'm putting this on my blog so you can see it.

 I was printing and ended up doing this to the paper with the spatula I was using. Unfortunately this roll of paper is a bit too thin. It works but it's easier to do this to than the kapton sheets which are thicker.
 Taking this off is no picnic either.

 Here's my first layer of the new one in place. It's a bit on the short side for this bed. I decided to use two layers this time and for the front, I just cut two more strips and got the whole bed covered again. I just have to be extra careful with this. I do have a roll, but it's no fun changing this too often.

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