Monday, May 29, 2017

Uninstalling Groove Music in windows 10

I wanted to listen to some music and kept hitting the groove music icon which requires and account and well, it's not what I want to use. I just wanted the simple windows player. Unfortunately there was no uninstall icon for it anywhere. After creating a restore point, I deleted all the registry keys for it but it was still a no go. I didn't want to spend another day trying to get rid of this thing which I don't use. I finally found this link to uninstalling it through the windows shell. The only thing I had to do is use the version on my computer since it's been some time since this was posted. My version was different so make sure you scroll up on your list to make sure that you copy and take out the version on your computer. It may just not work if you type a different number. In short, this got rid of it and it's now gone from my start as well. There's nothing more annoying that not being able to get rid of a program that you don't use. Specially with everything tracking what you use or don't use nowadays.

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