Sunday, February 12, 2017

Seagate has some large 2.5 inch hard drives which gives you more options.

I have yet to use any of the new seagates, but since I have been looking at hard drives I thought I check out what they have. For a nas sometimes there will be a sale but you can only get one or two, if they even have it. I need at least three for a raid setup. Since I have yet to see more specials on the 3.5 inch drives I thought I take a look at the 2.5 inch drive sizes. It looks like these are close to some of the larger drives which means I could theoretically keep a cooler nas with even lower power requirements. Well it's good to have options. I still have two old seagate drives and I'm currently using one and it's still working just fine. I know this is just an example and your mileage will vary depending on how well the new ones perform. I just hope they will get better with their warranty though, since two years just doesn't seem like much.

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