Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Speaking of TV's...

HD TV seems to have been the biggest scam ever because no matter what tv or place, I have not being able to get all the normal channels at all. I used to live 5, yes about five blocks from a tv station but could never get that station no matter how many times I re-scan the channels. Now I'm closer to the mountains with a lot more tv antennas and still can't get most of the regular channels. If I lay the antenna down then I can actaully get that channel station I used to live next to, but not much else. Keep in mind that I'm still in the same city but farther from where I used to be, so it's not like I've gone out to the desert. It's a different tv with a better antenna that someone gave me and I saw working fine where the person had it. I of course had to point it in different directions until I could get some clear channels at their house. It's kind of like the old days where we had to turn the rabbit ears on the tv's until you found a good channel coming through. We're back to that again. If you have cable and pay for some sort of service that may work, otherwise forget it. On another note, happy new year everyone!

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