Saturday, December 3, 2016

Belt clip pin lock...

I've have been using this radio belt clip on the phone case I made a while back. The clips are great and work very well. These are not cheap plastic that will break easy. Unfortunately this one has one big flaw which gets pretty annoying eventually. The pin tends to slide out to the side, specially since I use the phone in my pocket and it's not always vertical but at an angle. The metal piece on the back also tends to slowly bend, but not break as long as I'm careful. Since the printer is finally working, not perfect, but enough to make small parts, I thought I give this a shot. I needed a way to hold the pin in place so I don't have to keep pushing it before it gets lost or I lose it or drop the phone. It is now easy to move with my finger where it was very hard to even move when new. So I came up with this adapter. I wanted to make sure I kept the clip working the same way with this out of the way. I just finished printing the fourth one and I think it's done, if it holds up.

And finally printed and installed. The clip still works the same, but now the pin can't move out much if at all. It can still move a bit within the clip but not beyond it on both sides now.

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