Monday, August 8, 2016

Do you have one of those new smart door locks for your house, you better read this.

Data center problem interrupts delta airlines worldwide

Always remember that no matter how well everything has been implemented, something can always happen that may be beyond anyone's control. In this case, a fire which is probably one of the worst things you want happening in any network. That's not something you can ignore and try to go in and save the data. It looks like the site is up so their IT people are the heroes there today. Most of the time IT doesn't exist until something really bad happens. Although flights got interrupted, and things didn't work, you have to give them credit because we need to remember that things happen and sometimes they happen at the worst possible moments.

Qualcomm bugs

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Windows 10 anniversary update is now available

 This update must be done manually. I checked.

As you can see I'm not running the latest version even though I have kept my machine updated.

And you just have to let it do it's thing since it's going to download whatever huge file this is. This is the part that sucks since you don't know how big the file is. For whatever reason Microsoft decided not to let you know. The installer is 5.5MB but the rest is just a large file. The good thing is that this is all you probably need right now other than maybe a restart when it's done.

 I went out and came back and two hours later it was still going.

 Once it was finally finished the computer needed restarting.

The icons have been moved to the left on the start menu. I prefer the minimalist view so I don't have those large app icons taking all that space. 

I just started on my laptop and noticed that you can upgrade or refresh your system with the latest build. I didn't realize the difference until I did the second one on the laptop. It seems to be the same thing but the windows you get are a bit different. So I did both without thinking about it. This one at least tells me that the file to be downloaded is 3GB. Yes, it's a huge download if you have a very slow internet line.

Warning: Make sure you do the upgrade and not the refresh. They both update to the latest version as I just checked, but the refresh basically wipes out all your apps and data if you want. So all my programs are now gone on my laptop which I have to re-install. The process is very similar so you can actually wipe everything on your computer if you're not careful. I only had the option to keep the data and take out the apps, which I thought was just referring to installed apps and not actual programs I had installed manually and not through the windows app store. So the good thing is that I still have my data, but none of the programs I had installed and the OS is just like when you first installed windows. Which is fine if something funky was going on with windows but I was just trying to upgrade the laptop as well. I hadn't done it so its nice to know.

You can see on the new upgrade that the system at least now shows you what version it is.