Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I decided to add a forum today. I set one up years ago and thought I give this one a go. The other one was from and they were in china. Due to not using it much they basically deleted my forum. This one is supposed to be a little better in that they won't delete it, but I thought I play with it since I like how easy and fast you can get stuff on a forum. Not to mention they are much easier to find information much quicker. I also set up my own on a local machine and that seemed to have been a bit different. I think just changing the theme was a matter of clicking and choosing the right one. I had to do a bit more work on this one. Then again there are so many choices now that it shouldn't be hard to find something that works.

I don't host my own servers so I just used this one being hosted elsewhere and since it's free I am giving it a go again. I just used the forum for my own stuff that I may be working on and I may add more as time goes on.

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