Tuesday, April 12, 2016

3D Printed case computer

April 12, 2016

I finally got around to swapping all the internals of my metal case to my 3d printed computer case. Yes that sounds like I'm going backwards a bit, but not really. The old one is a bit thinner and the 3d printed case has room for more air to circulate. Anyway, I wanted to finally get a computer set up in one of these cases to get a better feel for how things would fit. Here's the link to the pictures. Adding pictures to this blog seems to hang at times so this is easier and quicker to do for now.

I noticed it was just a bit tighter up front due to the cables, but once I put the front in first instead of the back I was able to get the whole board in there without much problem. I have made quite a few prints and checked fitment before, so I knew it would fit, but just didn't have all the cables in there yet. Everything seems to work just fine, but a few more tweaks couldn't hurt now that I have finally put together a full pc with it. I need to find two usb ports which are pretty cheap now and the fact that I only need the old usb 2 makes it easier to find. I have not put any buttons on it as you can see because it works just fine without them too! All in all, this is not too bad for a completed computer.

I'm still waiting for some printer parts and since other things need attention for a while I haven't had a chance to design or print much lately and I want to get those parts before I try printing anything again.

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