Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Firefox slowing down

I have started having problems with Firefox slowing down to a crawl. Then again my whole windows 10 started crawling for no reason. I haven't downloaded or installed anything so I started doing a few things here and there, but it looks like firefox is still in the doghouse.  At least the computer seems to have come back to life for now. I think I have actually turned most things off, but things still seem to get bogged down before I did anything. There's nothing more annoying than that specially when you haven't done anything yourself. I did find a large amount of tracking cookies and things like that which seem to really have bogged things down. So I need to look at those settings a lot closer now. I'm still testing Windows 10 a bit closer to see where things tend to go down hill even with the built-in antivirus which you really can't use much since now it's more hidden. It's there but you can see how that can make things longer to get done.

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