Sunday, January 31, 2016

Taking screenshots of your screen or windows without other programs.

January 31, 2016

I have slowly been trying out more and more of the windows 10 features. Today I wanted to see if there was an easier way to take screenshots without installing any additional programs. The good news is that there still is a way, you just have to remember the shortcut keys. If you use this feature a lot it should be easy to remember since it's usually the same two keys. I've been using screenhunter which works well, but I always had to turn the program on before actually using it. So this is nice to have without any extra program. Just like making a pdf without any other programs except your already installed printer drivers. In any case I found this link that shows you step by step. So all the credit goes to them for posting this up. There are other programs you can also use as well if you really want a bit more control, but this should work for most basic screenshots which is what I do anyway. In short windows 10 does have a few more things you can do without adding any more programs which is nice. One more thing, don't forget to pin the snipping tool to the task bar and you should be all set! This way you don't have to keep searching for it, so it basically works just like my old program. Just make sure you rename the file when you save it or you will be over writing the old one as I just found out with my test. Now I just have then all going to the pictures screenshot folder where I can keep them organized instead of the desktop.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Checking questionable files online...

I just ran into this and I thought it would make a good post for today.

Firefox slowing down

I have started having problems with Firefox slowing down to a crawl. Then again my whole windows 10 started crawling for no reason. I haven't downloaded or installed anything so I started doing a few things here and there, but it looks like firefox is still in the doghouse.  At least the computer seems to have come back to life for now. I think I have actually turned most things off, but things still seem to get bogged down before I did anything. There's nothing more annoying than that specially when you haven't done anything yourself. I did find a large amount of tracking cookies and things like that which seem to really have bogged things down. So I need to look at those settings a lot closer now. I'm still testing Windows 10 a bit closer to see where things tend to go down hill even with the built-in antivirus which you really can't use much since now it's more hidden. It's there but you can see how that can make things longer to get done.