Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Splitting a large folder into smaller ones

October 20, 2015

I wanted to split a large folder that was just too big for transfer so I thought I try to split the files by selecting them the old fashion way and just add up to maybe a gig. Unfortunately the new Windows 10 doesn't show this at the bottom any more. It's on the right, but if I add a few more, then nothing shows and I have to keep clicking on the side bar to see how much I have. It keeps hiding the information which is very annoying. They have gone backwards in a lot of the simple stuff with Windows 10 and why is beyond me.

Here's a sample of a bunch of pictures I wanted to make more manageable. But that was just brutal so I went to my next plan.

Let the zipping progam do this. Hell, I like the simple stuff and all that backwards nonsense just to do a simple thing just drives me nuts. Why, because when you're at work with a lot of users you just don't have time for that sort of thing. So just use your zipping proggie, whatever you use and hit the option to break it into smaller zipped folders. Keep in mind that I'm working off the now unzipped 3 plus gigs that folder was. This assumes you were able to get a hold of the large file in the first place. I did for this, but you can now see the catch 22 on this thing too. Now you're done, just let it do its thing and then share your files to wherever you need.

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