Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CamStudio adds plenty of adware to the installer...

June 24, 2015

I was doing a bit of cad and the program is not doing what I want it to do. So I thought I get this software installed to try and get a video of the problem so that I can pass this along to that company. Unfortunately while installing this camstudio software which is open source by the way, I didn't notice how they have made all the windows look like the very first on that you agree for the licence. I knew they started adding this crap to the software which is something I totally hate and I don't care how good any software is. If you like to add crapware to your software like this, I have no respect for you, sorry. I thing this is the worst thing you can do to any software. Yes I also understand this is one way to get paid, but sneaking crap like this in the software is just beyond old. So now I have this other problem to figure out before I can move on to what I was originally doing, thanks a lot! So I thought I write on this to make sure others don't get caught off guard. So I hope this helps and I guess it's time to go look for a different program that doesn't have this crap. Please feel free to post any suggestions on the comments.

 Here's the very first install window. Nothing weird on here. Notice the green button below.

 This next screen looks fine too, it's just the license agreement...

 Now here's the part I missed. Look how small that other software name is. Of course I missed that since the whole bottom looks pretty much like the first. I know better but the truth is, this can happen to the best of us. I'm writing about it so that you hopefully will be reminded to be more careful and slow down your horses when installing any software.

 Here's the next screen with this other software. Same look and feel at the bottom.

 Okay, so this one was more in your face and I caught it because of it. But that doesn't matter as I already agreed on the previous two which you'll see are the worst anyway.

 So after cancelled that, the installation continues.

 Here's what I saw right after under my software uninstall window. The nasty bugger.

 Here's what happens after you open your browser.

 Here's what it looks every time after that.

 So I did the basic uninstall first and this one went out.

Unfortunately I wasn't having much luck with the browser but I found this in there.

 Interestingly enough, I also found this other weird thing about chrome. I could not delete the yahoo search for the life of me.

I accidentally managed to take out the google search so I have to go back and look at that.  In short, now I got some of this crap still on here that I need to go back and clean.

So to  whoever makes is the one adding this crap to the camstudio, thanks for the crap!

Whatever happen to the days when programs were actually really good and just did what they were meant to do.

 So I kind of figured out that you need to make a different search engine the default, then you can delete the yahoo. I also wen ahead and deleted all those sites at the bottom and added the google. com site, but it won't show up on the top window so I can choose this. What the heck?

Okay, now for some save you a bit of time with this junk.

I just did a quick search to see what else may be around and since there's not much around, here's a quick and dirty but effective suggestion. If you have one, set up a tripod and use your phone or a regular video camera. If your camera supports recent video files, then all you need to do is upload it without even screwing around with formatting files. Of course, this should work well for short clips that you may want to make like what I needed this for in the first place. I think I will go this route and just save me the headache of these programs unless I find something useful again. I just thought I throw it out there in case you really need to do this. This would probably have saved me the last two hours I have been using to fix this problem but there you go. Again, it's quick and dirty but should work just fine unless you use a really crappy camera which I don't recommend you use unless you want your viewers to hate your or just forget about you.

Other software you can try instead of this  is HyperCam. I have also added this to the software page.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Windows 2012 labels network cards opposite of what the board manual and Xen Server say.

June 18, 2015

I decided to finally start setting up the test vm on my vm server. As I was doing this I noticed that windows labels the network cards the opposite of what the manual shows. Normally it won't matter but when you're trying to set up static ips it's good to know what's what. So I labeled the back to match the board manual. I checked the ip I set up on the nic and it sure shows eth0 which is correctly labeled as the first nic on the manual. So go figure. Needless to say this tiny difference can make a huge impact, but this is why I like to test things on my own first. So I'll leave it alone and go with what the other two state. There's no need to get crazy about it, but it's a good thing to know.

 Here in the USA we read from left to right. In China, it's from right to left if I remember correctly. So with that in mind you can see the two letters on the top of the nics in the manual. F is left and H is right.

 Now if you look at this page, you see f as being LAN2 and h as being Lan 1.

 The Xen server shows I'm connected to eth0 which is the Intel nic. The pictures are angled due to my lamp glare.

 Now you can see that eth1 is now the realtek nic on the same server.

Now I get to windows and this is what I see. It says I'm connected to the realtek nic 2 and not the first which is the intel and what the Xen and board manufacturer says it is. So you see, no, I'm not making this up. You should know that despite this everything works, but it could give you a nice headache though.

So either Xen and the manufacturer of the board has this wrong or Microsoft has it backwards. Keep in mind that this is the 2012 trial version of the server I'm testing. So let's see what happens.