Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sata Cables

March 10, 2015

I have been looking a bit more into sata cables and just wanted to find out a bit more in terms of their performance since my new motherboard includes two with the 6Gbs labels on it. I went to the local stores and found a few but most if not all were not actually labelled on the cables themselves. So I was just curious about this since I also want to get some shorter cables, but that seems a bit hard to find for some odd reason. My cases are small and use mini itx boards so I really don't need the long cables. I also need a one or two righ angle versions. In any case I found this article about cables. However, I guess it depends on what the cable is being used for.

Take cat5/6/7 network cables for example. Yes, all of these cables physically exist now. I have installed cat 5 and cat 6 myself, and just held the cat 7 at at store the other day. I also spoke with an engineer about network cables once and I was also shown some of their cable testing areas/machines, so I agree that not all cables are created equal and that can make a huge difference. But then again I like to look a these sort of thing since this is the backbone of your information. Most people don't even think about this stuff.

In any case, I would really prefer the motherboard manufacturers included as many cables as the board has ports so that you don't have to go looking and matching or mismatching cables.



Here's the difference in sata speeds.

My new motherboard came with these nicely labelled sata cables.

 The blue is a new monoprice right angle cable I just got and it's not labelled.

They both have the metal clips that hold the cable in and I didn't have any of this type and really like the built in clips now. The monoprice is also a bit longer as you can see which also made for a more painful install in my mini itx case. So this also makes a difference as I just found out.

Here are a few variations of these network cables. As you can see all cables are not created equal.

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