Monday, November 20, 2017

This is insteresting.

When people like Elon make some bold claims about their products.

Now don't get me wrong, he has done a lot, but sometimes even people like him say dumb things too. None of us are perfect, I'm sure we have all said something dumb at one point or another in out life time. Here's an actual retired truck driver talking from his experience. I was also thinking about something similar that he talked about in the presentation which is about the brakes lasting for the life of the truck. I say that was just another dumb thing he said, but I'm only saying this because I watched my father who is now a retired mechanic changed more brake pads on cars than I cared to remember. I know that's pure hot air. This is also what the truck driver talked about, stopping a loaded trailer. I guess it just amazes me when I see all these people go wow, wee, and get all excited about something new that's not even out yet. Not to mention that jack knifing, tell that to black ice and a slippery slope.