Sunday, June 25, 2017

My 3D printed USB to SATA case

I have been working on making a simple usb hard drive case since I have a usb to sata cable and hard drive. I figured I could make a simple case that I could use with this if I really needed something portable without having to mess with screws. Here's what I came up with.


I put a lot of holes to make sure the drive is kept cool. Even small drives tend to warm up a bit if the enclosure doesn't have any cooling which is never good for any hard drive.

 After about 5 or 6 revisions here's the final case. Top. I wanted to be able to just snap the top on and off. It works but it's still a bit hard to remove which I guess it's good because it won't just come off, I really have to pull hard on it to get that off. So it works as intended.

 Here's the bottom where I added more cooling and a hole so I can push the drive out since it sits just snug. I also added some screw holes for a more permanent install if I want.

 Here's the cable and drive installed.

 Here's the inside of the bottom half.

And here are all my test prints before I finally got it working.

Testing a sata cable

I needed to do this for a cable on my computer since I started having some crashes. I have a new ssd and it was working fine so I knew that was not my problem. Needless to say, everything seems to be working now. Anyway, this is what I came up with in order to test sata cables. I just ordered some of these adapters from ebay and they did the trick. An actual cable tester would be nice but I haven't seen much for something like this. My small network tester has usb ports so I can test those. Now that I think of this, there aren't many cable testers out there so your multi meter is your best bet for now.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cell phone text spam

I have been getting a lot of text spam lately and thought I look into my options. Spam is just one of those very annoying things no matter how you get it.
There are two things you can do...
1: block whatever number is sending the texts. I have been doing this a lot as I was also getting random calls in the middle of the night. So this works but you just have to keep adding the number there.

2. I got from the article below which is a bit old but still works just the same now in 2017. You can forward the text to 7726 which is for spam. This let's the carrier know that that is a spam text. I just sent the spam text I got and this still seems to work.
Are these perfect, no but at least they won't annoy you as much. Spam is bad enough, but now getting that on your phone is just beyond bad.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I don't know what's worst, ads or the fact that fb tracks everything.

In case you didn't know. If you ever want to delete a photo or video from Facebook, they won't allow you to delete more than one at a time. So if you want to delete anything guess what, you can't​ delete your own stuff at once, even if they are just a bunch of old food pictures unless it's an album. It's nice to have something to keep in touch with some people you wouldn't normally see or who are very far away. Everything getting tracked nowadays, no so nice.