Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Chase Bank

Today I want to talk about security for a bit. As we all know, security is great, when applied correctly. It can also work against you when overly done. Here's a perfect example of overly done. Every time I try to connect from a different computer at home, the Chase bank always gives me this run around. I haven't had this issue with another bank. Which is the most annoying thing ever. This is not my account, I just help the person log in to their account.

Then you have to send a code to a phone or email just to get back in to your account. The computer has been re-installed and sure enough, I have to go get all the information to make sure I have the correct login. Some may say, well that's not really a problem, but it is. For example, if you go on vacation or just to visit your family elsewhere and have to check your account to maybe just see if you're payment went through or even check your balance. This will be a headache for you if you don't have your computer with you, every time. It doesn't sound as bad as it is, but the truth is because every single time I have logged into the account, I have had to go through this mess which got old pretty quick. So instead of being able to do a quick check of things, I find myself looking for the information on this account to make sure I got everything correct, if not, I have to go through this song and dance each time.
So, if you have a chase account, I feel sorry for you because this just sucks and they won't listen. I think I told them about this before, but to give you an even better example, I once tried to add money to the account with my dads ID so that the rent could be be paid. They refused the money that my dad had sent me to put into the bank. I was not taking out money, I was putting in money so it would get paid, and they refused it. I also had his ID and my ID proving that I was family and they wouldn't take it. Yes that is correct. I even wrote them a letter about it back then but never heard back from them so I thought I mention this because this is why their policies basically make no sense. In all honesty I don't think I have ever had any of these problems with any other bank, or at least I have not heard of anything like this. I know that no bank is perfect, but this has always made me wonder about this bank. They just have the weirdest way of doing business.