Monday, October 16, 2017

Internet krack, as in cryptography. These names just get weirder by the day.

Cool your pie. Sorry, I just couldn't help it. :)

Here's a very good example of why you shouldn't believe or rely on many reviews online. Keep in mind that this article is just about mattresses.

Well, this is one way to make 10 million dollars.

SSD mirrors

Well, at least now you know which mirror ssd may go first. This is very interesting either way.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Equifax, the site that keeps on giving. My suggestion is to stay away from their site for a while and just keep a close eye on your stuff yourself.

This is also the reason you don't allow ads or any other web services to run on your website that have nothing to do with the site. I have noticed these in some company websites.. Why does a company need ads on their site is beyond me if they have nothing to do with that.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Xen, no local iso access.

I just ran into this. I downloaded some isos and since they're on my local machine I thought I install them. Interestingly, I can't access the isos from my local machine. This is the first time I try doing an install from the local machine and sure enough, you can't do it, at least not from here. So I either have to burn a disk or usb stick if it works and try that or boot up the nas and move the files there which I didn't want to do since it's late at night. Very interesting but annoying since I'm doing it on my own server. I guess it's time to go to bed for now since I'm tired anyway. Always listen to your tired self when things don't work.

If you are a gambler, here's a reason not to gamble, well at least in certain casinos because they just won't pay you even if you win according to the article.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Former bank teller steals the customers money.

Here's also a very good example of how scammers try to send you to another page using a page from an actual company or organization. The link below is fine, but if you try to go to, you will get a different warning about that site. Just adding an extra t in justice is enough to send you elsewhere. I mistype this at first and actually found this out by accident. My router just screamed at me with a big NO letting me know that the website contains malware, you don't want to go to this site called justtice.

A mini C64 is coming in 2018.

At least that's what the site states, but lets see what happens or if it's not just going to be another NES classic edition debacle since there is not much information. Will it just be another rpi or an actual tiny motherboard, we'll just have to wait, but I have learned not to hold my breath for these things anymore. Specially when companies announce things so far ahead with nothing else.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The american red cross asks for help from ham radio users, and they got it.

Although ham radios seem like very old technology, this is apparently the one technology that won't die, specially during times of emergencies. I should really start learning to use one of these radios, they are affordable and looks like fun too. You can check for more information at the link below if you are also interested.

Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday, he was 91.

Sonic drive-in burger chain data breach.

When the network decides to take a break, things just stop working. In this case, the airline check-in software used at airports around the world.

This is a good example that always having a way to go back to doing something the old way is still needed. Going back to pen and paper is not something you'll want once you're computerized, but being able to do it even for a few moments at a time will allow things to continue moving along. It may be almost impossible in some areas, but not others. Staff having radios to communicate would be one aspect.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Naps2 (Not another PDF scanner 2)

I need to scan some papers and I got tired of using the brother software that came with my scanner. It's an older all in one but still. I need something that will let me do this a little bit faster. You can take a look at the video below so see what I mean.

When you think you have deleted all those old posts on tinder, or anywhere, think again.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This is what can happen when your identity is stolen. Lets hope these companies will stop using social security numbers for everything.

Let's also keep in mind that too much security can also be a bad thing, to a point in some instances. A perfect example is I had to return an item to Costco. I used my dad's Costco card to make the purchase with my own credit card back then. The girl at the counter told me she couldn't process that because my dad, the card holder had to be there. So now I had to go back home, ask him to go with me, drive around the parking lot looking for a parking spot for the second time, then I had to make a line again and wait for my turn. Well now you can see how this would upset any law abiding citizen. I had the original receipt that she could have just looked at. I cancelled my Costco card a few years ago and I'm fine without one.

Obesity in Brazil and all over the world.

Western digital ships 12 TB Gold hard drives that can be purchased by everyone.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Scotty brings back the headphone jack to the iphone.

It's always interesting to see his work. Although I thought it was more interesting that I just got my BT headphones to watch TV. I later found some other smaller BT headphones at the local 99 cent store that costs a couple of dollars and they actually work pretty well. Although you don't really need the jack from what I'm seeing in terms of what is now available, just the whole process of what he does is very interesting in itself. Then again why change something that really works well.

Dual screen car stereo anyone?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here's another 4 bay case I just ran into.

This is just a four bay case. For a bit more you can get the eight bay norco I built mine from, if you don't mind the noise. This is not my video but it's a good video about this case. This one definitely looks nicer than the four bay norco because of the removable motherboard tray and more room for the cpu. It's been out for a while, but I hadn't seen it myself. And if you don't even want to built anything, you can also check out the hp microserver Gen10 I posted before.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

My 3D printed USB to SATA case

I have been working on making a simple usb hard drive case since I have a usb to sata cable and hard drive. I figured I could make a simple case that I could use with this if I really needed something portable without having to mess with screws. Here's what I came up with.


I put a lot of holes to make sure the drive is kept cool. Even small drives tend to warm up a bit if the enclosure doesn't have any cooling which is never good for any hard drive.

 After about 5 or 6 revisions here's the final case. Top. I wanted to be able to just snap the top on and off. It works but it's still a bit hard to remove which I guess it's good because it won't just come off, I really have to pull hard on it to get that off. So it works as intended.

 Here's the bottom where I added more cooling and a hole so I can push the drive out since it sits just snug. I also added some screw holes for a more permanent install if I want.

 Here's the cable and drive installed.

 Here's the inside of the bottom half.

And here are all my test prints before I finally got it working.

Testing a sata cable

I needed to do this for a cable on my computer since I started having some crashes. I have a new ssd and it was working fine so I knew that was not my problem. Needless to say, everything seems to be working now. Anyway, this is what I came up with in order to test sata cables. I just ordered some of these adapters from ebay and they did the trick. An actual cable tester would be nice but I haven't seen much for something like this. My small network tester has usb ports so I can test those. Now that I think of this, there aren't many cable testers out there so your multi meter is your best bet for now.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cell phone text spam

I have been getting a lot of text spam lately and thought I look into my options. Spam is just one of those very annoying things no matter how you get it.
There are two things you can do...
1: block whatever number is sending the texts. I have been doing this a lot as I was also getting random calls in the middle of the night. So this works but you just have to keep adding the number there.

2. I got from the article below which is a bit old but still works just the same now in 2017. You can forward the text to 7726 which is for spam. This let's the carrier know that that is a spam text. I just sent the spam text I got and this still seems to work.
Are these perfect, no but at least they won't annoy you as much. Spam is bad enough, but now getting that on your phone is just beyond bad.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I don't know what's worst, ads or the fact that fb tracks everything.

In case you didn't know. If you ever want to delete a photo or video from Facebook, they won't allow you to delete more than one at a time. So if you want to delete anything guess what, you can't​ delete your own stuff at once, even if they are just a bunch of old food pictures unless it's an album. It's nice to have something to keep in touch with some people you wouldn't normally see or who are very far away. Everything getting tracked nowadays, no so nice.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Uninstalling Groove Music in windows 10

I wanted to listen to some music and kept hitting the groove music icon which requires and account and well, it's not what I want to use. I just wanted the simple windows player. Unfortunately there was no uninstall icon for it anywhere. After creating a restore point, I deleted all the registry keys for it but it was still a no go. I didn't want to spend another day trying to get rid of this thing which I don't use. I finally found this link to uninstalling it through the windows shell. The only thing I had to do is use the version on my computer since it's been some time since this was posted. My version was different so make sure you scroll up on your list to make sure that you copy and take out the version on your computer. It may just not work if you type a different number. In short, this got rid of it and it's now gone from my start as well. There's nothing more annoying that not being able to get rid of a program that you don't use. Specially with everything tracking what you use or don't use nowadays.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I was on the computer earlier when I got this nice message from windos 10.

I wasn't doing anything special but windows 10 seems to always be doing things in the background.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Smb and cyberattacks

Some good news in the quadcopters and hobby land.

I think this is great. I liked this hobby because it got me out of the house if only for brief moments. I think this hobby has been taken way off base. Granted there are those that will do stupid things no matter what but for me, this was just a hobby until all the nonsense started with these laws. You can't enjoy yourself without someone making a big deal out of say flying in circles in front of you for example. Well at least when I used to go out for a bit. Heck even flying my small helicopter used to be fun but I stopped using them because who knows what someone may say or do. I used the park when no one was around but one day the ranger woman said I could not ride my bike at the trail because it was for horses. I only went out for a bit and since I was out of shape there's no way in hell I could run over anyone. Not to mention I was there only briefly each time. It was alright for the horses to crap all over the trail which I also walked through. I guess a lot of things are so backwards in the city that you just don't bother going anywhere. Even the baseball field was locked because it was only for when teams played and no one else could use it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ubuntu is returning to Gnome for 18.04 LTS. Yes!

Well, this sounds like good news to me. Going back to a simple but working environment. Windows has been going away from this lately. Too many things running in the background that you have to turn off for example.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

IT workers replaced at university

Cassie - Next Generation Robot


Chase Bank

Today I want to talk about security for a bit. As we all know, security is great, when applied correctly. It can also work against you when overly done. Here's a perfect example of overly done. Every time I try to connect from a different computer at home, the Chase bank always gives me this run around. I haven't had this issue with another bank. Which is the most annoying thing ever. This is not my account, I just help the person log in to their account.

Then you have to send a code to a phone or email just to get back in to your account. The computer has been re-installed and sure enough, I have to go get all the information to make sure I have the correct login. Some may say, well that's not really a problem, but it is. For example, if you go on vacation or just to visit your family elsewhere and have to check your account to maybe just see if you're payment went through or even check your balance. This will be a headache for you if you don't have your computer with you, every time. It doesn't sound as bad as it is, but the truth is because every single time I have logged into the account, I have had to go through this mess which got old pretty quick. So instead of being able to do a quick check of things, I find myself looking for the information on this account to make sure I got everything correct, if not, I have to go through this song and dance each time.
So, if you have a chase account, I feel sorry for you because this just sucks and they won't listen. I think I told them about this before, but to give you an even better example, I once tried to add money to the account with my dads ID so that the rent could be be paid. They refused the money that my dad had sent me to put into the bank. I was not taking out money, I was putting in money so it would get paid, and they refused it. I also had his ID and my ID proving that I was family and they wouldn't take it. Yes that is correct. I even wrote them a letter about it back then but never heard back from them so I thought I mention this because this is why their policies basically make no sense. In all honesty I don't think I have ever had any of these problems with any other bank, or at least I have not heard of anything like this. I know that no bank is perfect, but this has always made me wonder about this bank. They just have the weirdest way of doing business.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I found a new way to clean my computers. This is the xpower duster. No more air cans or compressor needed.

So far it works well, take a look at the other videos on it. I have four videos posted to give you an idea of what it sounds like on both speeds.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Seagate has some large 2.5 inch hard drives which gives you more options.

I have yet to use any of the new seagates, but since I have been looking at hard drives I thought I check out what they have. For a nas sometimes there will be a sale but you can only get one or two, if they even have it. I need at least three for a raid setup. Since I have yet to see more specials on the 3.5 inch drives I thought I take a look at the 2.5 inch drive sizes. It looks like these are close to some of the larger drives which means I could theoretically keep a cooler nas with even lower power requirements. Well it's good to have options. I still have two old seagate drives and I'm currently using one and it's still working just fine. I know this is just an example and your mileage will vary depending on how well the new ones perform. I just hope they will get better with their warranty though, since two years just doesn't seem like much.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Protecting your yahoo account

Here is what yahoo suggests you do to protect your account.  I used to have a yahoo account like many people back when yahoo was new but when I went to try to back up my account so that I could close the account years later, I found that their system would not allow me to do that. We later found other things through the news about yahoo. So my recommendation is to go through your account emails and save what you need, then just close that account and use anything else you like. After all their breaches and their system still not letting you back up your own account is just a bad sign. Not to mention I tried to help someone else resently to try and do the same thing without much success. So I recommend using something else for your email.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Edge Memory

I just found out about this company and thought I look into it a bit more. You may or may not recognize the name, but I had never heard of them. They are a dram manufacturer in north America. One of the things I like about it is that they are in Texas so you get US based support if you need it. They also have a 5 year warranty on their ssds which most regular HD manufacturers don't even do nowadays for regular hard drives. So they got my attention since their hardware looked interesting. Take a look at their ssd's. They of course have a few other products.

I just finished installing this on my desktop and since it is an older computer, I can hardly tell the difference other than it does not get warm like the old platter type of drives which is nice. It's also so light that if feels like nothing is in it. But so far I got it installed and although this drive doesn't include any software that I could find, it seems to be working. I have not tried the firmware software of anything since I just got it installed last night. My regular drive was having some hiccups so this is the reason I also decided to go with an ssd. We'll see how it does over time. One thing to note is that you should follow the manufacturers instructions on these. Some people use ssd's and they will die prematurely from what I have read. Windows may need to get some settings changed in order to make the best of an ssd drive.

Here are my crystal mark readings. Do keep in mind that I'm using an old AMD computer with very low specifications, or I should say the board is pretty old so it may not take advantage of the full specs. Maybe the firmware will help but I have yet to look into that. But just to give you an idea which is nothing close to what it's supposed to be. In any case I am liking the lower heat on these factor on these.

Here's the final look at this ssd installed.

Update: September 18, 2017
I wanted to update this test now that I have changed to a new computer. Here are the readings I got this time with the updated hardware and software. As you can see there is a huge difference between now and my old test above.

Below are the specifications according to the manufacturer. As you can see that although it's not exactly at those claim numbers, it is very close. And you can also see that if you use an ssd in a much older system, you will not be taking advantage of its speeds.

Polish banks hit by malware

Monday, January 30, 2017

New google play ransomeware

This nasty cold is keeping me up so I might as well put up some links. Android seems to be getting less secure with ransomware and all those ads that they allow within apps, not to mention all the rights many programs want that they really don't need to have.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mongo databases exposed.

Something doesn't look right...what's going on google?

I noticed something a bit different tonight and it got my attention. I went to log into blogger and noticed that the site said it was insecure, then I noticed the address ending with .in. Same blog but with the India address. Hmmm...I'm not sure what's going on there, but that's not my usual address which I then realized I could have already logged into it by accident since I did log in to blogger earlier, but I don't remember seen this. Anyway here are two screen shots of the different browsers. Whether it is a google thing or not, this is a good way to get screwed so I thought I show it to you. It's not the first time I have seen this so be careful with any sites, even those you use yourself. And just be careful, bad things can happen to anyone, any time, anywhere.

This one ends in .com. This is on firefox.

This one ends in .in This one is in Opera.
Both browsers have the latest updates.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Speaking of TV's...

HD TV seems to have been the biggest scam ever because no matter what tv or place, I have not being able to get all the normal channels at all. I used to live 5, yes about five blocks from a tv station but could never get that station no matter how many times I re-scan the channels. Now I'm closer to the mountains with a lot more tv antennas and still can't get most of the regular channels. If I lay the antenna down then I can actaully get that channel station I used to live next to, but not much else. Keep in mind that I'm still in the same city but farther from where I used to be, so it's not like I've gone out to the desert. It's a different tv with a better antenna that someone gave me and I saw working fine where the person had it. I of course had to point it in different directions until I could get some clear channels at their house. It's kind of like the old days where we had to turn the rabbit ears on the tv's until you found a good channel coming through. We're back to that again. If you have cable and pay for some sort of service that may work, otherwise forget it. On another note, happy new year everyone!

Got ransomeware on your tv? This guy did.

Oh by the way, this is a perfect example of why you shouldn't be downloading random stuff from the internet. In this case his wife wanted to watch free movies.