Friday, November 11, 2016

What's inside the new nintendo nes classic that was release today?

It's too bad Nintendo dropped the ball. What's with that midget controller cord? They also only released a few so they are all sold out everywhere. Well they knew it would be popular, but they forgot their audience is a lot older now and don't care for that oh we'll make them wait nonsense that they used to do back then too, if I recall. Anyway, I couldn't afford one back then but I always enjoyed the games whenever I could sneak into an arcade close to my house and play a quarter or two. Let's just say playing video games was frowned upon at my place. Thankfully I got all the gaming out of my system when I was younger. So I wanted to check this out and of course no one had it.

I figured what the heck, maybe I'll just make one now since I know many people have done that already with their 3d printers and a few other parts. Well at least I have another good reason to fix  my 3d printer again. One more thing, what's with the proprietary plugs? I guess they haven't learned their lesson yet. I can see why they do that, but it's hard not to hate proprietary plugs nowadays. And not to include a second controller, well that's just wrong. So if you add the 59.99 price to the 10.00 dollar extra controller, plus some extension, and then tax. This thing is getting pretty pricey. But if you can just hook it up to the computer in front of you and you're the only one using it, then that shouldn't be too much. Otherwise it may be a bit misleading at first. I guess I'm older and have to look at everything now.

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