Saturday, July 16, 2016

I've been slowly organizing my files and as you may know video files just take a lot of space and time to edit.

Well, I saw this video I took a while back and tried editing the file, but as you can see it's 38.8 GB! Try editing a file this large and you'll quickly find out if your old computer can even open it up. My old computer could barely open the file up, so I never bothered to try editing it again. Needless to say I also tried creating a .ogg file but even this file is 4.66 GB in size. It's definitely more manageable, but still about a dvd movie and more. Today I put the file through handbrake and got the file down to 1.67 GB! I am not doing any special video editing or need this to have any special resolution since it was a video from and old camcorder. Needless to say, the new mp4 file is just what I need. If I want to actually edit the file, I rather work with the smaller file since most of what I do is split the video or add to it. I just wanted to add this here because it's possible to do this much easier now. In some high quality videos you may lose a tiny bit of resolution, but I'm no video guru and this works for what I need to do. Now I can go delete the original after I view the mp4 to make sure everything went through okay and get some of my space back.

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