Sunday, June 19, 2016

Microsoft One Drive

I've been testing the one drive for a little while now. I figure what better time to do a small write up about it.Unfortunately they will be lowering the space given to users so I have decided to stop using it and back up my files so that they don't get deleted as you will see. Apparently I am already over the 5 gig limit that they will be lowering this to.

The pros:
- I found it very convenient to use for backing up my phone pictures. Unfortunately I sometimes forgot to change the size of the pictures so some of them can get pretty big. Not a problem for one drive, but I noticed the problem later when trying to use the files in the blog or download them.
-It uses the same outlook account so it's convenient.

-I like how once I moved the files to the correct folder and got them organized, it was much better to just choose the folders with the organized files and copy them to the right place for storage on my network. The files or folders you choose get zipped into one file and the download begins.

-It was convenient sharing some documents with certain people to view. For example if you just wanted to send or show your resume to someone for a job or maybe a document a bit too large to email that the other person could look at and download from the link. So this was pretty nice to use.

The cons:
-The interface is very weird. I was trying to organize everything like in a file manager, but the system doesn't quite work like that. Everything is sort of put in one place. I tried adding albums which I thought would move the files to it, but no, I had to go back and make different folders for these. I was basically trying to organize the pictures, but it took a bit longer than I would like.

-The other issue is that it is very slow to use to the point where it just takes too long to load. Hence the reason I wanted to just view the files in a file manager text feel for it to go faster. But the icons are like the windows live tiles. They keep changing and that's just annoying to me. Having things load like that probably doesn't help. I usually turn all those off.

-Deleting files takes a bit too. You have to wait for things to load.

-Downloading is also about the same as deleting them.

-There is no way to tell how long the file will take to download. It just says downloading.

Here's a screenshot of what I had used at the time I found out they would be lowering the space on there. I was already over that limit of 5 Gigs.

Here's a sample folder I was downloading with pictures to try and get this lowered. I already stopped using it and adding any files, but now it's just slow to get the files out of there so if you use it, I suggest you start backing up your files. I may just use it for some documents and small things like that, but not much else. It's just too slow and the interface could use some more improvements. Like a normal file manager without having to wait for things to load. I just find that annoying if you only want to see the file names and space for example.

Here's a link to their information about these changes.

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