Monday, October 19, 2015

Avira antivirus

October 19, 2015

Next I decided to try the Avira antivirus. So far the download file was small.

 Nothing too weird looking here.

 The options after I cliked on the icon.

 Hmmm...more software

 Yup, there's more stuff in there that I don't care for, but at least they make it a bit more clear and easier to say no to it. In other software they actually purposely make these hard to catch.

 Next window, same thing.

 One more here.

And the install keeps going here. This one is still taking a while. It's still updating as I am typing. I did tried this one a long time ago but really hated their other bloatware that they added. Although I'm still not crazy about this extra stuff if you're only looking for a simple antivirus to run.But they are what they are.

I should mention that the router is also running it's own antivirus, but I want to run a different one on the actual machine. This allows me to test different ones and see what works best.

After the update is finished you get this window. It's the nice simple look that I like. So I'll test this one out and see how it goes. There are many others, but I just wanted to get something for the time being. Unless you actually use them, it's hard to tell anything else.

 The best part is that when I right click on any file, now I have my option to individually scan that file and not have to go digging around to find that program and then go through a bunch of hoops just to get to it.

 After running the browser I noticed this installed as well. Yet another piece of software under the install even though I cancelled the others.

 You'll have to lower it from the middle of the browser screen as it's basically hidden and it pulls down like you would on a touch screen.

 Here's a look at this open and you can't really see anything until you hit the settings on the top right. In short, you really have to keep an eye out for all these nasty little things that get installed with now one too many freebies.

 Here's my latest pop up from avira. Yeah they are still doing this nonsense. It seems to be working okay in the background without any problem, but this stuff gets super irritating. If you do use these freebies, make sure to check that nothing else gets installed in the background. Just to be sure.

I turned on my computer this morning and I get this pop-up from avira...if they think this is going to help me upgrade, they are not going to be happy when I get rid of this thing. In the long run, we may be better off with the buil-in Microsoft antivirus without the pop-ups and leave all these junks out. But for now since I'm testing I don't mind checking them out.

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